Diesel was born to be the alternative, the alternative to luxury, the alternative to the traditional five pocket jeans. Now the time has come to apply our anti-establishment spirit and passion for change to creating an alternative to the destructive practices that plague the fashion industry. We believe the most radical thing we can do today is to create low impact products and to find innovative ways to make our business circular offering our customers a brand and products that are made "For Responsible Living".

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Our products labelled as “For Responsible Living” are designed to have a significantly lower environmental impact and/or to be more circular.

We take a holistic approach to designing a “For Responsible Living” Product, ensuring the fabrics, treatments and trims are all taken into consideration.

Below you can find out about some of the alternatives we are exploring to reduce the impact of our products and to make our business more circular.

A unique QR code is printed on each product to give our customers access to detailed information about the specific attributes that define "For Responsible Living". This information can also be found on the product pages of our website for all products flagged as "For Responsible Living".



Raw materials make up a significant percentage of the overall impact of our products, so the materials we use matter. By choosing to source lower impact materials particularly those that are certified organic or recycled, we can reduce the amount of water, energy and chemicals used and contribute to a fairer and healthier system for everyone across our supply chain.


To help our design, development and production teams make informed decisions about which materials to use, we have developed and implemented a PREFERRED MATERIALS MATRIX, rating materials from good to best. Wherever possible we will use certified organic or recycled materials in our products. In 2021, 73% of all the cotton we sourced was organic, recycled or Better Cotton.

Moreover, being a member of the Fashion Pact, we are committed to achieving at least 25% of lower impact key raw materials/ priority materials (as per Fashion Pact and Textile Exchange definition) by 2025.

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Cotton being the most commonly used fibre in denim production, is the most widely used material in our collections, representing approximately 80% of the fibres we source. Cotton is grown on 2.4% of the world’s arable land but conventional cotton farming is responsible for approximately 16% of all agricultural insecticides used globally, more than any other single crop (ref. Pesticides Action Network). In contrast, organic farming uses natural methods of pest control such as crop rotation which supports biodiversity and improves soil health; healthy soil stores carbon and retains water. The benefits of organic farming are 360° as the prohibition of genetically modified seeds allows farmers to retain control of seed production and the minimisation of chemical inputs benefits human as well as environmental health. We believe organic is the future that is why we are increasing the proportion of organic cotton in our collection season on season.


Diesel is famous for distinctive denim washes and finishes, but creating the distressed effect that is our DNA comes at a cost. That is why we have been working tirelessly to seek out, develop and test new denim treatments that reduce water and chemical consumption but still allow us to retain the alternative aesthetic for which we are known.


Alongside our preferred materials matrix, we have created a PREFERRED TREATMENTS MATRIX to help our design, development and production teams to better understand the impacts of the washes and finishes they specify and to encourage them to select preferred treatments with a lower water and chemical footprint.

Click here to find out more about our “PREFERRED TREATMENTS MATRIX”


Wiser Wash® is a revolutionary washing technology that completely avoids the use of pumice stone and of any toxic or hazardous chemicals, while drastically reducing the use of water (full decoloration is achieved with only one cup of water).



Whilst Diesel is known for unique distressed denim, there are a multitude of other components and trims that go into making the perfect pair of Diesel jeans. We believe it is important and necessary to redesign these small and sometimes unseen elements as collectively they add significantly to the overall impact of a product. As with our approach to denim and other material we always look for organic or recycled alternatives for labels, patches, tapes, embroideries and other textile components. Wherever possible we use recycled metals, chrome free leather, and FSC® certified paper, card and patches.

Below are some examples of how we have transitioned conventional trims or components to more responsible alternatives.


  • Our zippers use certified recycled polyester tape by Natulon® or certified organic cotton tape
  • Our buttons and rivets use alternatives to conventional galvanization
  • The distinctive "Diesel Industry" pocket stripe and our care labels are entirely made from certified recycled polyester



We are working to reduce our packaging and where packaging is required both for customers and for transportation we are committed to ensuring that everything card and paper based is FSC® certified. We are also committed to the systematic removal of single used plastic packaging from our logistics by 2025 and are working on switching all our B2B plastic polybags to 100% recycled polyethylene.

The above actions are all in line with the targets of one of the Fashion Pact’s “pillars”, the “Oceans” one, which Diesel is bound to and that require brands to:


  • Eliminate problematic and unnecessary plastics in B2C packaging by 2025, and in B2B by 2030.
  • Ensure at least half of all plastic packaging is 100% recycled content by 2025 for B2C and by 2030 for B2B.


At Diesel we are developing specific guidelines for our creative and sourcing teams aimed at guiding their practices, promoting a sustainability culture, encouraging the selection of the most responsible options currently available, and seeking out alternatives which align with Diesel’s environmental and social values.

To decrease the environmental impacts associated with garment production, Diesel is working to transition its key product materials to more sustainable alternatives whilst always maintaining our unmistakable Diesel DNA.

Showcasing this were Diesel Library and Essentials collections. Discover more about them.

Diesel Library


Our commitment to alternative material and production processes goes hand in hand with our belief that our denim should be made to last. The Diesel Library offers evergreen denim essentials designed to transcend trends and be worn season after season. Every style in the Library is designed through a 360 sustainability lens, focusing on all the core components that make our denim so distinctive. Every product contains 50%-90% preferred fibres and uses at least one preferred treatment, as well as lower-impact trims. The Diesel Library accounts for a third of our overall denim offer and represents significant progress towards 100% of our denim being responsibly sourced.

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The Essentials collection is a core part of our ready to wear offer, featuring everyday cotton jersey staples that are distinctively Diesel. We have been working hard to make sure that the cotton we use across our collections is responsibly sourced and that our Essentials collection only features lower impact treatments and trims. Moreover, from Spring Summer 2023 onwards only certified organic cotton will be used in the Essentials Collection.

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A circular system is one without waste, one where products and materials are repaired, reused, remade and recycled. We believe the future of fashion has to be circular. That’s why we are pioneering solutions to keep our products in active use for as long as possible and finding creative ways to reuse and recycle waste across our supply chain.

Discover Diesel's first steps towards circular: Diesel Second Hand and Diesel Rehab Denim.

Diesel Second Hand


There are 7.9 million people and the average person owns six pairs of jeans. We believe it’s time for a resale revolution. Diesel Second Hand is a curated edit of beautifully worn Diesel jeans, carefully assessed and authenticated, then meticulously restored and renewed and offered for sale as good as new. We see Diesel Second Hand as an important step towards circularity, the seed of a new business model and a critical element of our “For Responsible Living” strategy. Join the movement and help us to keep Diesel products alive and kicking for years to come.

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Diesel Rehab Denim


Diesel Rehab Denim, launched in partnership with Tejidos Royo, has been designed with sustainability at its heart. Diesel Rehab Denim is made using 100% recycled cotton and fully recycled spandex elastane mixed with Tencel ™ Lyocell using REFIBRA technology. This line also features Dry Indigo® Technology, drastically reducing the amount of water, chemicals and energy required in the dying process.

Diesel Rehab Denim is designed to be fully circular and focuses on transparency and traceability. The products use revolutionary DNA technology developed by the Swiss based company Haelixa, which allows us to mark in a unique and permanent way all garments belonging to this line.

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The sustainability journey is not one we can embark on alone, collaboration is essential. We’re proud to have partnered with a number of organisations who are helping us reach our goals and make change happen.

Better Cotton™

In 2020 Diesel became members of Better Cotton™. Better Cotton™’s mission is to help cotton communities survive and thrive, while protecting and restoring the environment. By buying cotton products from Diesel, customers are supporting responsible cotton production through Better Cotton™. Better Cotton™ farmers receive training on how to use water efficiently, care for the health of the soil and natural habitats, reduce use of the most harmful chemicals and respect workers’ rights and wellbeing. Better Cotton™ is sourced via a chain of custody model called mass balance. This means that Better Cotton™ is not physically traceable to end products, however, Better Cotton™ Farmers benefit from the demand for Better Cotton™ in equivalent volumes to those we ‘source.’

To learn more, visit

Forest Stewardship Council®

The Forest Stewardship Council A. C. (FSC®) is an international non-profit, multistakeholder organisation established in 1993 that promotes responsible management of the world's forests via timber certification.

Our partnership with FSC® contributes to one of the targets of the Fashion Pact’s “Biodiversity Pillar”, that of supporting zero deforestation and sustainable forest management by 2025.

Leather Working Group

At Diesel, we are committed to supporting responsible leather manufacturing across the globe and that is why we are proud members of Leather Working Group (LWG)

ZDHC Roadmap To Zero

Creating the Diesel distressed look, for which we are best known has traditionally used treatments that are intensive in water and chemical use. We are proud to be part of ZDHC ( Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemical) initiative, which includes the MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List). The programme is focused on best practice in chemicals management to protect humans and the environment.



The Fashion Pact is a global coalition of companies in the fashion and textile industry (ready-to- wear, sport, lifestyle and luxury) including their suppliers and distributors, all committed to a common core of key environmental goals in three areas: stopping global warming, restoring biodiversity and protecting the oceans. Launched as a mission given to Kering Chairman and CEO, François-Henri Pinault by French President, Emmanuel Macron, the Fashion Pact was presented to Heads of State at the G7 Summit in Biarritz.



We commit to developing a sustainability culture within the company, honoring employees’ rights and their diversity, which allows us to thrive, treating all equally, nurturing employees to fulfil their potential, and promoting a safe work environment.


We commit to working towards the highest social and environmental standards throughout our supply chain, by enhancing the traceability of our products and promoting positive practices amongst our suppliers.


We commit to climate action, and to rising for environmental stewardship, by minimizing our greenhouse gas emissions, reducing our water footprint, and improving reuse and recycling rates across our operations.


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Your privacy is extremely important to us, please read this information notice carefully.
We wish to inform you in a complete and transparent manner about the personal data processing that the companies listed in paragraph 1 below will carry out on your personal data provided by you and/or collected in the context of the contacts you will possibly have with us, including for example the following:
•    contacting our Customer Service;
•    visiting the website (hereinafter the “Site”) and/or the other websites referring to the brand, interacting with our pages on the social networks (eg. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, We Chat, Tmall etc.),
•    using the Global-e service for purchasing activities.
If you provide personal data on behalf of someone else, you must ensure, in advance, that the interested parties have read this information notice.
The companies collecting and processing personal data as autonomous data controllers (hereinafter the “Data Controllers” or the “Companies”) or as joint controllers are:
•    OTB S.p.A. (“OTB”), with registered office in Italy, Breganze (Vi), Via dell’Industria 2, 36042, telephone +390445306555, email; OTB’s Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) can be contacted at;
•    Diesel S.p.A. (“Diesel”), with registered office in Italy, Breganze (Vi), Via dell’Industria 4-6, 36042, telephone +390424477555, email; the Diesel Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) can be contacted at

OTB and Diesel carry out some activities as joint controllers, taking jointly the decisions regarding the purposes and means of personal data processing. Hereafter, the term “Joint Controllers” means Diesel and OTB jointly considered when they process data as Joint Controllers.

To facilitate your understanding of the processing activities carried out by the above-mentioned subjects as Controllers or Joint Controllers, we have prepared this document explaining which processing activities are carried out autonomously by each company.
Please consider that said processing activities are not intended for minors and the Data Controllers do not knowingly collect or solicit personal data from anyone under the age of 16. If you are less than 16 years old, please refrain from provide any personal data. This does not affect the applicable contract law such as the rules on the validity, formation or effect of a contract in relation to a child.

Each Company collects different categories of personal data according to the purpose for which it processes them.
Herein below we specify which categories of personal data are collected; in the following paragraph we will explain for what purposes each category of data is processed by each Data Controller or by the Joint Controllers as appropriate (hereinafter also “Personal Data” if processed jointly).
•    Biographical Data: name, middle name, surname, date of birth, gender;
•    Contact Data: address of residence (street, city, province, state, zip code), domicile, email address, telephone number, mobile number;
•    Tracking of Newsletters and Actions Data: information relating to the opening of newsletters or links
•    Purchase Data: shipping and billing address, method of delivery, detail of the purchased products (eg. size, price, discount, model, collection, calculated spending level, abandoned cart, etc.);
•    Navigation Data: data relating to browsing behaviour and/or use of the websites of the Data Controllers using, for example, cookies or information relating to the pages that have been visited or searched for or related to the wishlist collected while browsing or when shopping on the online store. As for the use of cookies, please refer to the Cookie Policy available [].
In this paragraph we explain for what purposes each category of data is processed by each Data Controller or Joint Controller.
Diesel is the company that designs, sells and promotes the Brand’s products “Diesel”. It is the company maintaining the contacts with you if you decide to purchase the products through the Site using Global-e services, if you participate in initiatives promoted by Diesel as prize competitions or other promotional initiatives; Diesel is also the company managing the loyalty program that you can sign in. Diesel will process Personal Data for the following purposes.
a) Sales activities and response to other requests made by customers
If you purchase Diesel’s products through the Site using the services provided by Global-e NL B.V (“Global-e”), which is an independent data controller operating as Diesel’s international fulfilment partner, Diesel will process your Purchase Data received by Global-e to prepare the sale for the delivery. When completing a purchase, you will be directed to the Global-e’s platform, where you will be asked to provide your Personal Data directly to Global-e according to its own Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. A specific wording will inform you about this transition. Completed the purchase on Global-e’s platform, Global-e will communicate to Diesel your Purchase Data, via a specific and secure interface, so that Diesel can manage the order placed by you in the Global-e platform, including the preparing of the parcels with the goods you have purchased.
Before your purchase , Diesel may need to verify the requirements for participating to special discount programs (e.g. verifying if the purchase made is a first purchase or other requirements of the regulation) and to process your Biographical Data or Contact Data to respond to any further requests that you may formulate through the Site or through the Customer Service, through telephone or chat, such as requests for information, assistance, or to be notified by email when a desired product or size becomes available again on the Site, through the “Notify Me” functionality.
Legal basis: this processing is based on the performance of a purchase contract to which you are a party; the provision of the Personal Data listed above is necessary for this purpose, since otherwise Diesel will not be able to process your request.
b) Marketing
Only with your consent, Diesel will process the Biographical Data, Contact Data and Purchase Data for marketing purposes, that is for advertising on social networks to which you are registered or sending advertising or direct sales material, carrying out market research, commercial communication with automated contact methods (e-mail, newsletter, SMS, MMS, online messaging platforms, etc.) and traditional contact methods (mail). 
Legal basis: this processing is based on the consent you have given. In the event that you are registered in the loyalty program and decide to withdraw your consent to marketing, you will continue to receive communications relating to benefits (such as the Birthday or Anniversary Gift or preview access to the new collections and promotions only reserved to members). If, in addition to the withdrawal of consent, you do not want to receive this kind of communication anymore, you will be asked to specify it. Any removal from the loyalty program will also result in the cancellation of your online account, if you have one.
You can at any time withdraw your consent to receive the above-mentioned communications by clicking on the appropriate option in each marketing email received, as well as by writing to the address, or otherwise by contacting the Company at the addresses indicated in paragraph 1. 

c) Registration on the Site and use of the services offered
Diesel will process your Personal Data in order to allow you to register on the Site and use the services offered. Your data will be stored until you request to delete your profile.
Legal basis: this processing is based on the performance of a contract to which you are a party; the provision of the Personal Data is necessary for this purpose, since otherwise Diesel will not be able to allow your registration and offer its services.
d) Customer satisfaction 
Diesel may use your Contact Data to conduct surveys to measure the level of satisfaction (i.e., customer satisfaction) with the service provided (by way of example but not limited to: online post-sales surveys; second hand gold shopping surveys etc.). Please note that in any case the communications made for this purpose will not have an advertising content, or direct sales or will be used for market research or commercial communication.

Legal basis: this processing is based on the legitimate interest of Diesel to verify and improve the quality of its services.

e) Other administrative-accounting activities
Diesel may also process your Personal Data for administrative, accounting and internal statistical analysis for business planning purposes. 

Legal basis: this processing is based on the legitimate interest of Diesel to improve the quality of its services and business. 

Diesel and OTB operate as Joint Controllers on the basis of a specific agreement for the purpose indicated below.
a) Customer profiling
With your consent, the Joint Controllers will be entitled to process Biographical Data, Contact Data,, the Purchase Data, Tracking of Newsletters Data and Actions Data and the Navigation Data for profiling purposes and for business analysis, that is for analysis on your purchase preferences consisting of automated processing of the above-mentioned Personal Data. This processing is aimed at analytically knowing or predicting your purchasing preferences also in order to create customer profiles and customize the commercial offer so that it is more in line with your preferences.
Legal basis: this processing is based on the consent you have given.
You will be entitled at any time to withdraw your consent to be subject to profiling by writing to or otherwise by contacting the Joint Controllers at the addresses indicated in paragraph 1. 
Finally, each Data Controller or Join Controller may need to comply with a specific legal provision to which it is subject or to defend its own right in court.
a. Purposes related to the obligations established by laws or regulations, by decisions/requests of competent authorities or by supervisory and control bodies
Each Data Controller or Joint Controller may process your Personal Data to comply with a legal obligation to which it is subject.
Legal basis: compliance with a legal obligation.
The provision of data for this purpose is mandatory because in the absence of data the Data Controller or the Joint Controller will not be in a position to comply with their legal obligations.
b. Defense of rights during judicial, administrative or extra-judicial proceedings and in disputes arising in connection with the services offered
Your Personal Data may be processed by each Data Controller or Joint Controller to defend their rights or take legal action or make claims against you or third parties, including the prevention of fraud.
Legal basis: this processing is based on the legitimate interest pursued by the Data Controller or Joint Controller to protect their rights.
The Site is owned by Diesel. It is possible to browse the Site without having to actively communicate your Personal Data if you are not logged in. In this case, while browsing the Site we inform you that the computer systems and software procedures used to operate the Site acquire, during their normal operation, some data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols.
This is information that is not directly associated with identified users, but which by its very nature could, through processing and association with data held by third parties, allow these users to be identified.
This category of data includes the IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by users who connect to the Site, the addresses in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) notation of the requested resources, information regarding access, information regarding location , the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the response given by the server (successful, error, etc.), the information regarding the user’s visit including data clickstream of the URL, within and from the Site, the duration of the visit on some pages and the interaction on these pages and other parameters relating to the operating system and the user’s IT environment.
These data are collected through the use of “cookies”. We specifically use browser cookies for various purposes, including cookies strictly necessary for the operation of the Site and the use of services through the appropriate features, and the cookies that are used for personalization, performance/analysis and promotional activities. Our Cookie Policy available at the following link contains more information regarding the use of cookies on the Site, as well as the options for accepting or rejecting them.
The data collected while browsing the Site will be processed to (i) manage the Site and resolve any operating problems, (ii) make sure that the content of the Site is presented in the most effective way for its devices, developing, testing and making improvements to the Site, (iii) as far as possible, to keep the Site safe and secure, (iv) to obtain anonymous statistical information on the use of the Site and to check its correct functioning, (v) identify anomalies and/or abuses in the use of the Site. The data could also be used to ascertain responsibility in case of possible computer crimes committed against the Site or third parties and may be presented to the Judicial Authority, if this makes an explicit request.
Some Personal Data that we will indicate you from time to time during the registration or purchase process are necessary for the completion of the purchase contract and for administrative and accounting purposes.
In the description of the purposes in paragraph 3, we have specified when it is necessary to provide Personal Data. Where not expressly indicated as mandatory, therefore, the provision of Personal Data is optional and there will be no consequences if you do not provide them, if not the impossibility for the Data Controllers or Joint Controllers to act as described (for example, the impossibility to carry out marketing activities).
The Personal Data provided to and/or collected by the Data Controllers or the Joint Controllers are processed and stored with automated tools and, in some cases, may be processed and stored on a paper backing. In particular, the Personal Data processed for purposes of marketing and of customer profiling will be entered and stored in the CRM systems that allow the processing of Personal Data for these purposes.
The Personal Data (either electronical and paper copies) will be stored for the time necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected. In particular, the following rules will apply:
•    data collected to enter into and perform purchase contracts, including payments: up to the conclusion of administrative and accounting obligations. The billing data will be kept for 10 years from the billing date;
•    data of the registered user for joining the loyalty program: the data will be kept as long as the account is active. Even after the termination of the account, we will retain the data if this will be necessary to comply with legal obligations, to protect our rights or to prevent fraud;
•    data related to data subjects’ requests: the data will be stored until the request is satisfied;
•    data collected and processed for customer satisfaction will be retained for 30 days, except where the data are needed to obtain further feedback from you; in this case data will be retain not longer than what is necessary for manage your feedback;
•    if you have provided your consent, the data processed for purposes of marketing and customer profiling will be stored for a period of 7 years (also according to an ad hoc provision provided for by the Italian Supervisory Authority upon Diesel’s request). In any case, you will not be contacted again for marketing and profiling activities 7 years after your last interaction with us or even earlier if you revoke the consent previously given. The events that identify this “interaction” may include, but are not limited to, a purchase, opening an email sent, participation in a survey, contest or event, interaction with Customer Service, access to the “MyAccount” area, etc. For completeness, we would like to point out that, at any time, it is possible to review and modify your previously expressed consents in the “MyAccount” area of the Site, by contacting Diesel at or the Customer Service.
In any case, for technical reasons, the termination of the processing and the consequent cancellation or irreversible anonymization of the related Personal Data will be definitive within thirty days from the terms indicated above.
The cancellation process is carried out periodically on the basis of the customer's request or at the expiry of the retention period, through an automatic flow that involves the data bases concerned; otherwise, Personal Data will be permanently anonymized; the hard copies will be destroyed by using appropriate devices.
With particular reference to the judicial protection of our rights or in case of requests from the authority, the data processed will be stored for the time necessary to process the request or to protect the right.
For the purposes indicated above, we may also transfer your Personal Data to third countries, not belonging to the European Union which may possibly do not guarantee the same level of protection. The transfer to third countries will always take place in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, adopting any other measures necessary to ensure the security of the Personal Data being transferred. These measures possibly include agreements incorporating the so-called “standard contractual clauses” issued by the European Commission or your consent. You can ask for information regarding this third countries and how to obtain a copy of the appropriate safeguards using the following email address or writing to the postal addresses indicated above.

Personal Data will be processed by:
•    employees and collaborators of the Data Controllers or of the Joint Controllers processing data under the authority of the Data Controllers or of the Joint Controllers;
•    employees and collaborators of the Data Processors designated by the Data Controllers or Joint Controllers, including (i) the companies managing the online store and who will be entitled to view, modify and update the Personal Data entered in the CRM systems through which the Data Controllers or the Joint Controllers carry out the processing activities for marketing and profiling purposes (ii) the companies managing the storage of the Personal Data of the Data Controllers or Joint Controllers based on agreements or local regulations;
•    third parties established in the European Union and also outside the European Union, Data Processors, used by the Data Controllers or Joint Controllers in particular for services of: Personal Data acquisition and data entry, shipping, mailing of promotional material , after sales assistance and Customer Service, market research, management and maintenance of the CRM systems through which the Data Controllers or Joint Controllers carry out processing activities for marketing and profiling purposes and of the other corporate information systems of the Data Controllers or Joint Controllers of the processing. The complete list of Data Processors appointed by the Data Controllers or Joint Controllers can be requested to the following email address or writing to the postal addresses indicated above.
Personal Data may also be disclosed to third parties, independent Data Controllers, in particular to freelancers or companies providing legal or tax advice and assistance and to companies managing payments made by debit or credit cards or for fraud prevention and management activities. 
Personal Data will not be disseminated in any way. 
Pursuant to Chapter III of the GDPR, you have the right to ask each Data Controller or Joint Controller:
•    to access to your Personal Data;
•    to receive the copy of the Personal Data you provided us (so-called “data portability”) and to have data transmitted to another controller, if technically possible;
•    the rectification of the Personal Data in our possession;
•    the erasure of any Personal Data in relation to which we no longer have any legal basis for processing;
•    the limitation of the way in which we process your Personal Data, within the limits set by the applicable law data protection law.
Right to object: in addition to the rights listed above, you always have the right to object at any time to the processing of your Personal Data carried out by the Data Controller or Joint Controller for the pursuit of its legitimate interest. You have the right to object to direct marketing, which includes profiling. If you prefer that the processing of your Personal Data is carried out solely through traditional contact methods, you can object to the processing of your Personal Data carried out through automated contact methods.
You also have the right to withdraw, in whole or in part, the consent to the processing of Personal Data concerning you for the purpose of sending advertisements or direct selling or for carrying out market research or commercial communication with automated contact methods (e-mail, other remote communication systems via communication networks such as, for instance: SMS, MMS, messaging platforms, etc.) and traditional contact methods (mail).
We remind you that, among the rights you are granted, you have the right to refuse the consent without any disadvantages from refusal.
The exercise of these rights, which can be done through the contact details indicated in paragraph 1, is not subject to formal constraints. In the event that you exercise any of the above-mentioned rights, it will be the responsibility of the Data Controller or Joint Controller that you contacted to verify if you are entitled to exercise the right and to provide you with an answer, normally within a month.
As regards the Joint Controllers relationship, please note that OTB and Diesel entered into a specific agreement pursuant to article 26 of the GDPR, an extract of which is available for consultation contacting each of the Joint Controllers using the contact details indicated under paragraph 1.
If you believe that the processing of your Personal Data is carried out in breach of the provisions of the GDPR, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Authority or to start the appropriate legal actions before the competent courts.
To exercise your rights, you can send a request to the Data Controllers or Joint Controllers by writing to the addresses indicated in paragraph 1. The OTB and Diesel’s Data Protection Officer can be contacted at the email address 

LAST UPDATE:  July 2023



Diesel S.p.A. will be able to process Biographical Data, Contact Data and Purchase Data for advertising activities on the social networks to which I am subscribed or sending advertising or direct sales material, carrying out market research, sending commercial promotions and discounts reserved to customers, commercial information - possibly also customized - with automated contact methods (e-mail, newsletters, SMS, MMS, messaging platforms, etc.) and traditional contact methods (mail).
We remind you that by joining the loyalty program, if you do not give the marketing consent, you will not receive any promotional communications but you will receive service communications concerning benefits to which you are entitled due to your registration to the loyalty program.
You can at any time withdraw your consent to receive the above-mentioned communications by clicking on the appropriate option in each email received, as well as by writing to the address, or otherwise contacting Diesel S.p.a. at the addresses indicated at paragraph 1 of the information notice.


The Joint Data Controllers will be able to process the biographical data, the contact data, the sales data, the data collected in the shop, the purchase data and the navigation data for profiling purposes, or for analysis on your purchasing preferences consisting of automated processing of the above mentioned data. This processing is aimed at analytically knowing or predicting your purchasing preferences also in order to create customers profiles, and customize the commercial offer so that it is more in line with your preferences. You can at any time withdraw your consent to be subject to profiling by writing to the address, or otherwise contacting the Joint Controllers at the addresses indicated at paragraph 1 of the Privacy Statement.